Online testing means that a model-based testing tool connects directly to an SUT and tests it dynamically. GraphWalker will start as a WebSocket (default) or a HTTP REST server.

Read more about the difference between using GraphWalker as a RESTFUL or a WebSocket service


  • --json, -j
    Returns data formatted as json.
    Default is true

  • --model, -m
    The model, as a graphml file followed by generator with stop condition.
    This options can occur multiple times.
    This options is only valid for -s RESTFUL, it will not work with -s WEBSOCKET.

  • --port, -p
    Sets the port of the service Default is 8887

  • --service, -s
    Selects which kind of service to start. Either WEBSOCKET [default], or RESTFUL
    Default is WEBSOCKET. When Websocket is selected, the -m option is not taken into account.

  • --start-element, -e
    Sets the starting element in the [first] model. Default is

  • --unvisited, -u
    Will also print the remaining unvisited elements in the model. Default is false

  • --verbose, -o
    Will print more details Default is false

  • --blocked, -b
    This option enables or disables the BLOCKED feature. When “-b true” GraphWalker will filter out elements in models with the keyword BLOCKED. When “-b false” GraphWalker will not filter out any elements in models with the keyword BLOCKED. Default: true