GraphWalker is a open source Model-based testing tool for test automation. This page contains information when you need to ask questions or to get support on GraphWalker.



Please do!! Some pro tips:

  • Create a Github account.
  • Fork the project in GraphWalker you want to contribute to and clone it locally. Connect your local to the original ‘upstream’ repository by adding it as a remote. Pull in changes from ‘upstream’ often so that you stay up to date so that when you submit your pull request, merge conflicts will be less likely.
    See more detailed instructions here.
  • Create a branch for your edits.
  • Be clear about what problem is occurring and how someone can recreate that problem or why your feature will help. Then be equally as clear about the steps you took to make your changes.
  • It’s best to test. Run your changes against any existing tests if they exist and create new ones when needed. Whether tests exist or not, make sure your changes don’t break the existing project.
  • Contribute in the style of the project to the best of your abilities. This may mean using indents, semi colons or comments differently than you would in your own repository, but makes it easier for the maintainer to merge, others to understand and maintain in the future.



Report an issue on the GraphWalker project


We have our backlog in GitHub, and we use Waffle to plan our work