A single GraphWalker vertex representation in JSON


    "id": "<The unique id of the vertex>",
    "name": "<The name of the vertex>",
    "properties": {
        "key1": <value1>,
        "key2": "<value2>"
    "sharedState": "<SHARED STATE NAME>"


The properties list is not mandatory. I can be used to store key / value data of different kinds.


The sharedState is a mechanism that allows GraphWalker to jump between states in different models during execution. During path generation, if a vertex with a sharedState is encountered, GraphWalker will look in all the other graphs and see if there is vertices with the same sharedState name. If true, GraphWalker can choose to jump over to any one of those vertices.

The sharedState is not mandatory.


This is an example of an edge.

    "id": "n0",
    "name": "v_OwnerInformation",
    "properties": {
        "x": -177.34375,
        "y": 35.1875
    "sharedState": "OwnerInformation"